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Game Update: PDF Game now available. 1980 Masters Edition complete with Funny Car, Top Fuel and Pro Stock. You print, you save, you supply dice. We will email PDFs.  

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​​Tioga Downs Casino Resort Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show Sept. 29, 2018 photos by Dave Mareck, Greg Zyla and Wendy Post. See Greg's Facebook for more photos, and check the tile at the top for complete feature story by Wendy Post.


Greg Zyla's original VALLCO Professional Drag Racing Game is available in a PDF email version. All original cards and game instructions, etc. Game box and original game board copies include large, 11x14 game board that you can even make bigger. For more info click on VALLCO, click on  stories below.  To buy PDF game, click on PayPal tab below.We will email you three PDF emails following payment.

VALLCO Professional Drag Racing Game  now available in PDF version for $24.00 complete. Over 100 drivers in Top Fuel, Funny Car and Pro Stock Masters Edition.  Based on 1975 to 1980 career averages. No shipping charges. You supply dice and game markers.  Paypal accepted or email for more information to greg@gregzyla.com.

Vallco Drag Racing Game

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